Choosing a Flower Arrangement for a Woman’s Funeral or Memorial Service

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you decide on the perfect choice of flowers. While all flowers are appropriate for a woman’s funeral, many are considered the traditional favorites. Flower varieties and arrangements that are considered more elegant and feminine are often the most popular choices. Below we have listed some of the more popular choices for a woman’s funeral or memorial service.

Often the choice of color is considered one of the most important decisions when choosing funeral or memorial flowers for a woman. The color of the flowers stir specific emotions, for example, red is considered one of the more emotionally intense colors and is often used as a remembrance of love. White and pink are associated with innocence, while bright colors like yellow are more cheerful and are often used for “Celebration of Life” arrangements. Soft colors like lavender, pink and light blue are considered more feminine and elegant.

There are however no firm rules when choosing flowers. Often the best flower variety, arrangement or color is the favorite of the deceased loved one. Many of the flower arrangements come in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose both her favorite flower and color. Another option is a personalized arrangement with a photo or other object in remembrance of her.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call. We are always happy to assist you to choose the perfect floral arrangement.

Our Most Popular Funeral Flower Arrangement

All Rose funeral flower tribute has more than 12 dozen roses
All Rose funeral flower tribute with more than 12 dozen roses

All Rose Tribute

Roses come in a variety of feminine colors so you can choose her favorite color or choose by the traditional meaning of the rose color.

The All rose tribute is available in:

  • Red – Traditionally symbolizes your deep love
  • White – Traditionally symbolizes innocence and purity
  • Pink – Traditionally symbolizes her grace and your admiration
  • Lavender – Traditionally symbolizes elegance
  • Orange – Traditionally used to celebrate her life
  • Yellow – Traditionally symbolizes your friendship

A traditional funeral tribute includes the following arrangements

  1. Two dozen roses arranged in a Standing Spray
  2. A large four dozen rose arrangement
  3. A lid decoration made from 5 roses
  4. Four dozen roses arranged in a casket spray
  5. A small rose arrangement with one dozen roses
  6. A pedestal arrangement with two dozen roses.

Vases and pedestal arrangements.

White basket of flowers
Basket of Flowers

 Our popular monochromatic flower arrangement  shown in white, this is also beautiful in shades of pink and lavender. This mixed flower arrangement is arranged to be viewed on one side and is perfect for placing on a stand or pedestal.


Celabration Vase of Flowers
Celebration Vase of Flowers

Celebration of life vase: This is a popular large display. Celebrate her life and achievements with a cheerful selection of brightly colored flowers

Funeral sprays for women
Basket Spray

Striking – simple – elegant. Our elegant basket of glads and mums is arranged to be viewed from one side making it a popular choice for pedestals and mantles. The bright colors are appropriate for both memorial services and celebration of life gatherings.


Standing Sprays

Pastel Gathering Sympathy Spray
Sympathy Spray

Gathering Style Standing Spray :This standing spray is soft and feminine with a fresh picked look in shades of white, pink, yellow and purple. The arrangement is in a gathering style which will lovingly convey your sincere sentiments and sympathy.

Standing Spray
Stargazer Lily Standing Spray

Stargazer Lily Standing Spray: One of our most popular Stargazer Lily arrangements. This standing sympathy spray features the popular stargazer lily , like roses lilies are traditionally associated with love. Lilies are often used to express an innocent pure love.

Open and Closed Casket Tributes

Ivy and flowers Pastel Tribute package
Ivy and flowers Pastel Tribute package

Ivy and Flowers Tribute: Our mixed flower tribute is a stunning display of beautifully arranged flowers including larkspur, carnations, and roses accented with Queen Anne’s lace and Ivy. Remember her with a garden of beautiful flowers.

lavender (purple) casket tribute
Lavender Casket tribute

Our Elegant Lavender tribute is one of our most popular lavender arrangements. The photo remembrance flower arrangement lets you personalize this unique tribute with her picture or a personal item. Traditionally considered a color of royalty, lavender and purple expresses your love and admiration.


Personalized Arrangements for Her

Pillar candle arrangement
Pillar candle arrangement

This versatile “Pillar Candle” arrangement can be personalized to provided a unique, feminine display. Pillar candles, your loved ones picture or her urn is lovingly surrounded by a bed of beautiful flowers.

Arch of love for a Photo or urn
Photo or Urn Flower Arch of love


The Arch of love is a striking way to display her photo or urn. Shown in lavender, this lovely flower arrangement can be personalized and arranged in her favorite color or the color that best expresses your emotions and love for her.

Large round memorial wreath around a picture
Memorial wreath around a framed picture


Personalized memorial wreath. Arranged to lovingly hold your favorite 8×12 framed picture of her surrounded by flowers in your choice of colors. A memorial wreath is well suited for any memorial or celebration of life ceremony.

Do you still have questions?

During this difficult time it can be a challenge to choose flower arrangements, we have many years of experience and are happy to listen to your concerns and provide advice or answer any questions you might have. Please give us a call and let us help you choose the perfect Funeral, Memorial or Sympathy floral arrangement to commemorate her life.