Choosing a floral Arrangement

What type of floral arrangement should I choose? Does it matter what type of flower I choose? What color? What will my family and friends think when they enter the room and see the arrangements I’ve chosen? Whether it is for a Wedding or a Funeral, making all the arrangements so that everything turns out perfect can be stressful.

There are things you can do though that can help smooth out some of these difficulties. The first of which is choosing the right florist. While we often will make choices based on the company’s Website, yellow page ad or even a recommendation from a friend, when choosing a florist, it is a good idea to make a few phone calls and talk to the florist. Is the person patient, sympathetic, and willing to spend the time to answer our questions or does he or she seem more interested in just taking the order.

The right florist can help you to have confidence in your choice of floral arrangements.

Floral Arrangement Terms

If you haven’t spent much time in a flower shop there are several floral terms that may be unfamiliar. For example the different types of sprays or when you might choose a wreath, sympathy arrangement, tribute, basket or vase. To help you with your decision we compiled a list of Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) about floral arrangements.

What is a Spray and for what occasions are they used? – A spray is an arrangement that is designed to be viewed from one side. Unlike a basket or vase where the arrangement can be viewed from any angle a spray is placed so that only the front can be viewed. There are a number of different types of Sprays. While a standing spray can be used for a number of different occasions like Funerals, Weddings and special occasions, others like the casket spray and the lid spray are only used for funerals.

  • Standing Spray – A standing spray is supported on an easel. Standing sprays can be arranged with most types of flowers and almost any color.
  • Casket Spray – A casket spray is used to adorn a casket. There are a number of different placement styles. Smaller ones are often used on half open caskets and larger funeral sprays are often used on a closed casket to at times above the lid of an open casket.
  • Lid Decoration – A lid decoration is a small floral arrangement that is used to adorn the inside of an open casket lid.

What is a Funeral Tribute Arrangement? – A tribute combines a number of different floral arrangements to adorn the casket of your loved one. All of the arrangements harmonize to form a complete tribute. They commonly include a casket spray, lid decoration, a wreath and one or more baskets or vases.

What is a Floral Centerpiece?  – A centerpiece is often used to enhance the beauty of the occasion and is place on tables and shelves around the room. Or at times on only one table to help that table stand out as in the case of a bridal table at a wedding reception. Candles are often included to add to the ambiance.

When are Floral Baskets and Floral Vases used? –  Baskets and vases can be used for almost any occasion. They can be arranged with any type or color of flower and are often used as gifts as well as decorations at a wedding or memorial. At both weddings and memorial services it is often the custom to have sufficient floral baskets or vases available to offer special guests and family members something to take with them after the service.

What is a Funeral Arch of Love? –  An “Arch of Love” is a flower arrangement designed in a “U” shape where a picture of the deceased love one or the urn is place in the middle of the arrangement. This is used similarly to the “Urn or Candle Wreath”.

What is a Funeral Memorial Wreath? – A memorial wreath is an arrangement that is meant to be displayed on an easel like a standing spray. Unlike a spray, a wreath is made in a specific shape. Common wreaths are in the form of a filled, open or broken heart or a circle. While most wreaths are standing, circle wreaths are sometimes laid down with a candle or urn placed in the center.

  • Broken Heart Wreath
  • Urn or Candle Wreath
  • Memorial or Standing Wreath

What is a Funeral Grave Placement? – Grave placements are usually smaller arrangements that are placed at the graveside. They can be designed as small standing spray, a vase or basket or a small spray. It is also common to use live plants and flowers for grave placements.

We hope that this answered many of your questions but you likely have many others. Please feel free to call us with any question you might have. It is our goal to help you find the perfect flowers and arrangements for any occasion.

Standing Spray
Standing Spray


Pink Funeral Tribute
Pink Funeral Tribute
  1. Standing Spray of Carnations, Roses & Pompons
  2. Lid Decoration of Roses
  3. Casket Spray of Gerberas, Roses, Carnations & Pompons
  4. Pedestal Arrangement of Gladiolus, Snapdragons, Carntions & Pompons
  5. 20″ Open Heart Standing Spray of Gerberas, Carnations, Roses & Pompons




Arch of Love
Arch of Love